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Get Sucking on that sweet PR Oxygen

Your company may be small, but you are mighty. You have the ideas, the products, the people and the bit between your teeth. You are going places…but how do you grab attention and really make an audience take note?

One of the first challenges is recognising that you want that attention – you have made the first leap, from product to placement. Without getting the company name, the personality, the brand and all the wonderful messages about what you can deliver, then selling will be a slog. You don’t deserve to be pushing your wares up hill, you need to be pushing them through open doors.

How though, to open those doors. How to get the word out, the name in lights…well ok maybe not lights – but certainly in the right papers, on the right websites and being spread positively all over social media? It is hard, you are not the only company looking for the action – but there are ways and means, oh yes, there are so many ways and so many means.

Let’s look at the five basics of getting your company sucking on the oxygen of publicity.

1. Understand your marketplace. Ok, you clearly know your market, but do you really know it. Do you know who is writing about it, who is posting pictures, reviews or blogging about it? Are you in the conversation? You may think you know, but things change so fast it can be worth doing a Ferris Bueller and making sure you stop to look around once in a while.

Journalism is changing, writers are found differently, reporters want to seem down with the wider picture, there is a hunger for opinion and expertise. Where there are bloggers there are a million different views, so you need to know how to set the agenda, and to use your story to fill the narrative void. So through understanding comes the ability to maximise your own business’ media profile and to enter into relationships with buyers and triers, the people who make the difference to your results.

2. Poor quality in, means poor results out. This is the same since you first started trying to write rude words on your Casio calculator. Everything rests on what you put into it. When we are talking about how to promote and publicise, to grab attention and shape opinions, then this is about consistency and quality. High-quality stories give you a chance, access to the right journalists and being energised and consistent in your communications. There are no short cuts, and while we can help you to make the most of what you have, we need to work together to make sure the stories are right.

3. What do you actually want? It may seem a trite question, but it is the key to so much in public relations, it is the pivotal starting point. Every journey may indeed start with a single step, but let’s work together to make sure it is in the right direction shall we. So think about it and think hard. What does success look and feel like? Do you just want exposure, do you want to increase sales, to recruit more people? Think about the goal and then start to work towards it.

4. The “Fame” rule. To paraphrase the iconic 80s series, publicity costs, and right here is where you start paying. That sounds bad coming from a consultancy, but bear with us. It isn’t just about money though. It is about the sweat equity which all companies need to put into their own story. We can work with you, we can get you into the right places and people – but you need to work hard too. PR results come from thinking hard and long about how to position the subject.

5. Be the Swan. Real professionals make everything look easy. Whatever the task, you need to be that swan. You need to be all regal, elegant splendour. We can know what is going on under the surface, we can frantically all paddle together – but as long as the story is polished, the presentation poised and the pitch looks and sounds right, then we will have succeeded.

At McWatt & Jones we specialise in working with companies to help develop their PR and communications. We can get you that winning media coverage, those speaking engagements and drive the results you want. So get in touch and let's discuss what we can do for you. We can help you understand the secrets to PR, to unleash your story and get you where you need to go. We'd love to hear from you. Email

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